We are very sorry for your loss and hope our services can be of assistance to you during this difficult time. Our customer service advisors will be on hand to assist you to choose the best funeral flowers and sympathy tributes.

We have a selection of beautiful funeral flowers to choose from including sprays, sheaves, casket tributes, wreaths, and other special arrangements.

You can choose one special piece or multiple pieces to celebrate your loved one. Our catalogue is available on email and is an easy to use guideline of style, flowers, and foliage. Please remember these may vary according to availability and personal preference. We encourage our client to take all the flowers home after the service, however, vases are to be left behind for collection. Our vases are for rental purposes only.

For more information or a copy of our catalogue, please email info@nineteeneightyfive.co.za or call 081 547 5766.

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